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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


-Tracy Letts acts!  One Chicago playwright honors another as the August: Osage County scribe plays Teach in Mamet's American Buffalo, in a Steppenwolf production visiting the New York area at Princeton's McCarter Theatre.  (Closes Sunday.)

-Best of LA: a rundown of Monday's LA Drama Critics Circle awards.

-A good explanation by Philly Inquirer's John Timpane of that odd new Shakespeare "discovery."  Is Double Falsehood indeed the legendary lost Cardenio?

-Memphis and Addams Family may not quite be up to the level of Joe Turner, but at least Michelle Obama keeps going to the theatre.


RLewis said...

I'm surprised that Roundabout backing down on it's "subrights" deal with playwrights didn't make your Roundup. Good news abounds!

Unknown said...

Letts is a very good actor, too. I've seen him in multiple productions. Has great presence.

Playgoer said...

You're right, Ralph. I did notice that and wanted to read thoroughly for a more thorough analysis later.

But now for some reason Variety isn't letting me onto their site! They have some new policy limiting your article access if you're not a paid subscriber. So screw that--no links for you, Variety!

(Looks like you can still "register" for some kind of free access, but some web glitch is preventing me from even doing that.)