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Monday, April 19, 2010


I'm facing a deadline Wednesday so I need to take a couple more blog-free days, but here's a good helping of links to keep you busy.  Tune in Thursday for some more thoughts on that Pulitzer Drama drama.

-Crain's tells us "Foundation Giving Plunged in 2009."  Surprise!  Theatermania's Solange de Santis explains what that means for theatre.

-The Ohio Theatre has had its share of real estate troubles, so what better place for a "community forum" on the issue: April 26th, 6:30, 66 Wooster St.  Join "local elected officials and members of the independent theatre community in an open forum to discuss solutions to the real estate crises affecting small theaters."  NY Innovative Theatre says it will stream it on their site, as well.

-Also on April 26, a deadline to apply for a FREE  "Boot Camp" for running your arts business, hosted by New York Foundation for the Arts.

-David Hare defends his right to write a "verbatim" play even if he isn't a "journalist."

-Someone is finally calling out the Shakespeare deniers in print: Prof. James ShapiroTerry Teachout reviews the book favorably and pithily.


Dave said...

Hare can write whatever he wants, but I hope he'd make it more interesting than The Power of Yes, which is one of the dreariest and dullest evenings I've ever spent in a theatre. Talk talk talk and nothing illuminated, explained, or contextualized. Just "Hare" asking question of self-important bores.

Dave said...

Oh, and terrible American accents. Why do the Brits have so much trouble with them?