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Monday, April 05, 2010

Space for the Arts

The Ford Foundation is back.

The mighty philanthropy org that helped spark the regional theatre movement back in the 60s and 70s is announcing a $100 million in grants for artist work and living space.

As part of an effort to increase the impact of its giving, the Ford Foundation is to announce a plan on Monday to dedicate $100 million to the development of arts spaces nationwide over the next decade. The plan is by far the largest commitment the foundation has ever made to the construction, maintenance and enhancement of arts facilities.
The plan, called the Supporting Diverse Art Spaces Initiative, is one of several large financing projects that have resulted from a strategic overhaul of the foundation’s operations since its president, Luis A. UbiƱas, took over in 2008. He has moved the foundation in the direction of bundling its hundreds of millions of dollars in grants — which have traditionally varied widely in their focus — into large programs oriented toward specific issues.  
Way to go, Luis!

Nice to see that old Hitler-loving anti-semite's cash going to something good.

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