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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


-In Tony news, a rare example of rescinding a nomination.  (I thought no backsies!) Turns out, maybe someone shouldn't be nominated for the same designs they were nominated for twenty years ago...

-Folks in NYC are talking about Sarah Ruhl's Passion Play, but the real-life once-a-decade Oberammergau spiel is alive and well. Bloomberg's Catherine Hickley reports from Germany.

-Memorializing the demise of Soho's Ohio Theatre a tad prematurely (it won't shutter till end of summer) Eric Grode in the Voice tracks down various downtown luminaries for their favorite memories of thirty years of experimental performance in that quirky yet signature Off-Off space.  (Including Tony Kushner recalling an NYU show he did there in 1983!)

-Self-appointed "Shakespeare Cop" Ron Rosenbaum eviscerates the Arden Shakespeare's claim of the Bard's authorship for the mess of a play known as Double Falsehood.

-For chuckle-worthy reminiscences of a veteran critic, check out Benedict Nightingale's farewell to the Times of London.

1 comment:

Susan said...

My friends are in from San Francisco and just passed a huge photo op with the press outside one of the theaters with all the Tony nominees. Can't believe I missed it!