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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Quote of the Day

"I wanted to be a playwright, which is the financial equivalent of a crackwhore."

-comedian Lewis Black.

But Lew, crackwhores do make money, right?  (And no subsidiary rights!)

In same interview with Howard Stern he also confessed "he'd written 40 plays before turning to stand-up full-time: 'I had a play that was optioned for Broadway. 7 went to everybody. Mary Tyler Moore turned it down. Carol Burnett turned it down.'"

Let's find that play!

(hat tip: GothamistNo, I'm not ashamed to link to Howard Stern.  They just got there first.)

1 comment:

RLewis said...

I used to see a lot of plays downstairs at the Westbank Cafe. Running the theater must have been Lewis's day-job, cuz he took tickets and then did 15-minutes of stand-up before each show. He was mostly bad to terrible, but really proved the importance of practice. Good for him, but after all I sat through, I think a deserve a cut of his profits today. lol.