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Thursday, July 22, 2010


-Good news for companies who work a lot with foreign artists: US Immigration now promises to process artist visas within 14 days. Apparently it's been taking much longer lately.

-More politics: how good a job is Michelle Obama doing as national arts hostess?  Pretty good, according to WaPo, and not just ceremonial.

-Just when Herr Peter Stein finally made a big NY smash with his 9-hour Dostoyevsky play, you'd think he'd finally get something going here.  But now he's walking away from directing at the Metropolitan Opera this fall right before rehearsals start.  Was ist los, mein Herr?

-And the NY Innovative Theatre Award nominations are out, so go click and see who of your downtown peeps will be feted on September 20.


Anonymous said...

Correction: "Was ist los, mein Herr?"

Playgoer said...

Ach du lieber! I really should have checked that, thanks. My "loss"...

Anonymous said...

And how about for foreign companies that work with American artists? Maybe a little tit for tat?

One way our nation can strengthen its arts policy is, like with industry, focus on exports, and I don't mean "piratable" things like movies.

BAM can become Little Britain every year if it wants, but where's the UK counterpart? And no, Kevin Spacey doesn't count.