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Friday, July 09, 2010

What's the Street Value on 12-hour Russo-Italian Epic Tix?

I'm quite an admirer of famed German director Peter Stein (and in fact had the privilege of interviewing him for Time Out).  But I must admit I did not succomb to the temptation of shelling out $175 (or more) to see his 12-hour adaptation of Dostoyevsky's The Demons...performed in Italian...on Governor's 100 degree heat.

Funny enough, with the two(!) performances approaching this weekend, those that did jump at the opportunity are already having a little buyers remorse, according to NYT's Dave Itzkoff:

The 700 or so tickets that went on sale in March – starting at $175 a seat – seemed to go quickly. But a few weeks into a relentlessly muggy summer that might have Dostoyevsky yearning for the cold comfort of Siberia, and with the two performances of  “The Demons” coming on Saturday and Sunday, how are those ticketholders feeling now?

On Craigslist, posts from people looking to unload their seats to “The Demons” have begun popping up, some containing phrases like “will take any reasonable offer.” And earlier this week, Lincoln Center Festival sent out an email message saying that “a limited number of tickets” for both performances were still available.
Maybe this will finally get Lincoln Center Festival consider just how far they can push this snob-appeal "event" theatre. In a sensible world, the greater the physical effort the lower the price.  (See "Shakespeare in the Park.")

For those game, at least, this is a chance at a bargain for a rare show.  So go for it!  Meanwhile, I will stay on land, in the AC, awaiting your review...

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