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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

If it's August, it's Guest Blogger time!

Like any good shrink, Playgoer has to take August off.

Actually I'll be spending most of it trying to make progress on my dissertation. And in fact, part of that work takes me to Los Angeles this week to present at the annual ATHE (Association for Theatre in Higher Ed) conference. So for any "educators" out there who will also be there, find me and say hi! I'll be part of two different panels. One, funny enough, on "Cybercriticism" and the relation of Broadway to the internet. The other will part of some thematically linked papers examples of political theatre from history, for which I will give a sneak preview of some of my dissertation.

What, pray, is my dissertation topic? Well, tune in in September and maybe I"ll tell you about it.

(For more info on the conference or the panels feel free to email me directly at playgoer[at]gmail[dot]com. Unfortunately, while technically open to the public, there is a registration/admission fee.)

So, as usual, I will draw on some very generous and talented guest bloggers to keep the site alive the next few weeks. Keeping you up to date on the scuttlebut throughout the month will be Playgoer regular, the elusive Dr. Cashmere, and a welcome newcomer, Cantrell Roberson.

Then, starting next week a new Playgoer feature, Scholars Corner--in which I've asked some of my CUNY colleagues and fellow dissertators to fill us all in on what they're working on these days. I think you'll be especially interested in their topics--which include the history of Blackface Minstrelsy, Theatre de Complicite, and the historical development of the country's major MFA acting programs.

So stay tuned for more on all that, and more about our guest bloggers.  Meanwhile, have a restful August yourself, if you can.

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