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Monday, August 09, 2010

The Monday Roundup

by Matt Roberson

- From the LA Times comes a very interesting discussion between critics Charles McNulty and Steven Leigh Morris about their town's small theatres.  I assume that McNulty's argument that theatre must distinguish itself from television and film is especially relevant in L.A. 

- In yesterday's Arts section of the Times, Alexis Soloski writes about the final moments of the soon to close Ohio Theatre in SoHo.  I recently paid my first visit to the Ohio Theatre, and probably like many others, fell immediately in love with the place.

- It may be something I ate, but I can't help but feel queasy reading that the Hilton Theatre will now be known as The Foxwoods Theatre, after the casino of the same name.   Even better?  The Foxwoods rep referring to the Spiderman play as "the most anticipated Broadway production of all time."  More anticipated than James Earl Jones and Vanessa Redgrave's Driving Miss Daisy?  Pashaw!

- For some classical theatre done well, check out Redd Tale's The Triumph of Love, playing now in rep with Macbeth at the Spoon Theatre in Midtown.  I gave it a very positive review for 

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