The Playgoer: Wow, NY Mag Hired a Theatre Critic!

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wow, NY Mag Hired a Theatre Critic!

After two years of rotating limbo, New York Magazine has finally committed to continuing its tradition of full time theatre criticism by naming Scott Brown to the post.

Brown has been one of the rotating fill-ins lately, and has also been with Entertainment Weekly and (wait for it...) Wired.  Also a practitioner, he co-wrote the Off Broadway hit Gutenberg: The Musical. He introduces himself on the magazine's Vulture blog, and you can follow him on the theatre page here.

Welcome to a dying profession, Scott!


John Branch said...

Wow! One really never knows what a new day will bring. A print publication hiring, rather than firing, a critic: will wonders never cease?

Timothy Childs said...

This is a great move on the part of New York Magazine... let's be thankful they decided to hire Mr. Brown, and not joke too much about the liveliness (or lack there of) of the much-needed profession. Looking forward to reading his reviews!

- Timothy Childs