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Monday, March 21, 2011

Protesting Arts Cuts with...Art!

One way people are speaking out against arts-funding cuts--in the UK, at least:

Theatre groups from across the country will unite this weekend to highlight the potential impact of spending cuts.
Eight playwrights, including Mark Ravenhill, have donated short plays that are being performed in venues from Edinburgh to Exeter.Some 80 groups are staging the works in theatres, pubs, libraries and private houses as part of Theatre Uncut.... The plays, each lasting no longer than 20 minutes, were made available for theatre groups to download for free. 
The plays were invited to address not just arts issues, but the effects of cuts to any of the social sectors about to be devastated by the new Conservative government's "Spending Review" policies.

But imagine here?  Who will write the first play about the life of an average Wisconsin schoolteacher?

What I might commission is a series of short plays, each dramatizing somewhere federal funds still will go: oil company subsidies, "abstinence-only" classes, ethanol farms, etc.  Expose the "budget austerity" hypocrisy and show the power of lobbying.

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