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Friday, June 24, 2011


Time Out's Upstaged introduces me to a new video web-series by the HERE folks:

This year HERE is marking the second season of its terrific online documentary series MADE HERE. At a time when it's hard enough to get media representation for mainstream arts, MADE HERE is that much more amazing and urgent. Through these attractively shot and edited videos and a useful interactive website, MADE HERE is building a unique record of the best of New York experimental theater. Generations from now, students and other artists will draw on this indispensible archive for inspiration and tips on how to make art and survive in a daunting economy.
BTW, Upstaged just also posted a closing notice, saying Cote & co. will continue some online coverage at the all-purpose Time Out NY blog, but that this separate theatre section will phase out. So another theatre blog bites the dust....

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