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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The Online Open Call?

The people behind the (possibly) Broadway-bound revival of Funny Girl have announced they will actually encourage actresses around the nation to submit audition tapes online to vie for the lead role in the LA premiere of the show.

This was the production rumored to be tailored to Lea Michele (of Spring Awakening and, more important, Glee fame). But I guess they're going...another direction?

When I first saw the headline I was dismayed that even Bart Sher (who's directing) was going the reality show/contest route to pseudo-celebrity casting. But in fact, there will be no involvement of the greater public beyond the auditioning.

The talent firm Let It Cast is handling the online search for Fanny Brice, which will allow union and non-union actors to upload a 90-second musical audition on the website. The videos will not be made public, and will only be available for viewing by the Funny Girl creative team and producers. The deadline for submissions is July 15.

"Fanny Brice is an extraordinary role that requires an equally extraordinary actress," Sher said in a statement. "By adding this open and inclusive online audition system to our more traditional casting efforts we can, in essence, launch a nationwide search into every city and town in America. The ability to see the best talent from all over the country will be of enormous value in our wide-ranging search."
Well I guess if it's just a 21st century version of the Open Call, it can't hurt.  Then again, who will have to watch all those YouTube's...

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