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Monday, June 06, 2011


-After three years, mega-director Des McAnuff has decided to call it quits as Artistic Director of his home turf Stratford Festival up north. He will serve through the 2012-2013 season, though. (Perhaps he's anticipating a Jersey Boys II?)

-It's not unusual for Edward Albee to say something eyebrow-raising, but he's getting more than usual flack the past week over remarks at the LAMDA awards about why he doesn't like being labelled a gay playwright.

-Introducing Lucky Guy, Off Broadway's first $2 million flop. (Yes, I said "Off-") Yet another nail in the coffin of commercial Off Broadway. (Or at least in the cursed Shubert Theatre.)


Jack Worthing said...

Re. Albee - It's no different than what I see all the time with black writers, for example. They're expected to 'speak for their community' and if they dare step outside it they're passed over by theatres and branded traitors by black colleagues. Ridiculous. Good on him.

Brian said...

Agreed, Mr. Worthing.