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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Weekend Reading

-Mark Lawson, in the Guardian, says the war against cell phones and other noisy audience members is lost. Ruefully, I agree.

-Charles McNulty tells how working for years as a professional regional theatre dramaturg was the best possible preparation for a critic. Happily, I agree!

-Riedel offers a decent primer on the last four decades of Broadway history. (A must-read for any budding producers out there.)

And just out from tomorrow's Sunday Times...

-What the big B'way casting agents really think. (One interesting nugget: star casting is just about the raising of the money pre-opening than about ticket sales post-.)

-John Cullum, 81 and still at it: even two plays, eight shows a week, in the Park.

-And just when you thought David Mamet had already jumped the shark politically...have you seen his new book??? One "mugged liberal" reviews another in the Book Review, as Christopher Hitchens takes it on. Thankfully his very first sentence begins: "This is an extraordinarily irritating book..."


Tom Shea said...

Ah, Mamet...
If I might put it in his style, He is one of those...myriad, I guess, what? Yes, MYRIAD of Things that Don't Matter Anymore.

Playgoer said...

Toochee, Tom Shea!