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Friday, March 23, 2012

Correction of the Day

Time we had a little humor in the Mike Daisey affair...

A writer named Jason Mick, at the Daily Tech site, criticizes, as I have, the things that Daisey got wrong or made up. Then he adds:
Mr. Daisey is married to Deborah Fallows, a Chinese native who wrote the book Dreaming in Chinese.
It is true that Deborah Fallows . . . wrote the book Dreaming in Chinese. It is true that friends have told her that she might as well have been born a native Chinese person, since her spirit matches that of Chinese women in so many ways. But she is a native of Chicago, not any place in China, and of Czech rather than Chinese ethnic background. And she is most definitely not married to Mike Daisey. At least that is what she told me when she stormed back into the bedroom this morning irate about what she had just seen about herself online.
-Mr. James Fallows

("Jason Mick might want to ratchet back his outrage over Mike Daisey's sloppiness with facts," he adds.)

And for the record, Daisey is married to his director/collaborator Jean-Michele Gregory.

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