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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

NYTW Panel #3

I will be accepting Jim Nicola's invitation again to attend another panel discussion at New York Theatre Workshop. Tonight's announced topic: "What Is (or Isn't) a Political Theatre in America? Theatre artists and producers discuss the nature of political theatre and whether it can-and does-still exist in America."

This does indeed get to the larger "context" so many debating the "Rachel Corrie" issue wish to apply the case to. So might be the most lively and surprising of the panels yet.

Nicola will be on the panel, in addition to: Andrea Ciannavei (Dramaturg, LAByrinth Theater Company), Josh Fox (Playwright, Artistic Director of International WOW Company), Terry Greiss (Irondale Theatre Ensemble), Najla Said (Performer, Activist, and daughter of the late Edward Said), Betty Shamieh (Playwright), Alisa Solomon (theatre writer and Columbia Journalism professor). The moderator is Bill Goldstein.

7:00pm at NYTW, 79 E. 4th St. Still $10 admission or pay-what-you-can for "artists."

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Anonymous said...

I just learned about your blog and am thoroughly enjoying it.

After seeing Judith Malina and Hanon Reznikov perform in Venice, CA and hearing their intention to come back to the States, I believe political theatre is alive and almost well. This is the best time for political theatre since the sixties. I just saw a great production of 1984 at The Actor's Gang and it played to a sold-out house on a Tuesday evening. People are talking politics again and art is reflecting that- just look at the films that came out last year.