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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

"Well" update

Ads and mailings for "Well" are now announcing "Last Weeks." But, while the financial crisis there certainly is serious, I suspect this is a tactic to boost sales--and buzz--before the Tony nominations on May 16. (This discount offer tellingly expires 5/14. Notice this puzzling subject heading of spin: "LAST WEEKS! As low as $26.25 for B'way's hottest new hit, WELL." Now that sounds "hot"!)

Sheer mathematics, though, almost demand Well will get a Best Play nod. History Boys and Lieutennant of Inishmore seem to be locks. Probably Rabbit Hole, too. Its only competition, thanks to crazy Tony rules, is the 1997 Three Days of Rain is eligible as a "new play" because it didn't exist until Ms. Roberts graced it with her presence (or lack thereof.) How many other new plays on Broadway (of any nationality) can you name from May '05 to May '06? It only takes four to make a category.

Perhaps life might be easier for Well's backers if it didn't get nominated. It would just close immediately without further losses. Will they relish the massive effort and extra investment of a monthlong Tony campaign just to lose to foreigners?

By the way, the Well website features a blog(!) by the beloved Jayne Houdyshell, who plays the mother. If the show folds, it won't be for lack of edgy marketing.

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Anonymous said...

what about SHINING CITY, the Conor McPherson at MTC? There's FESTEN but it was assailed, so it probably has no shot.