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Thursday, June 15, 2006

cool links

Two interesting performative links courtesy of playwright Jeffrey Sweet, who's been contributing to the Backstage blog lately.

One archiving some great footage from the history of Second City.

The other, a BBC radio play about Orson Welles filming Othello, starring that loveable ham and Welles biographer Simon Callow.


Anonymous said...

"performative links"????? playgoer: please do not participate in the spreading of the misuse of this ugly word. look up the meaning in j.l. austin: a performative is an utterance that enacts what it declares ("i pronounce you husband and wife" "it's a bet!" "let there be light" etc.) despite what too many academics trying to sound fancy-shmancy think, it is not a synonym for 'histrionic', 'performance-related', 'theatrical' or anything of the sort. you are such a nice writer. don't wreck your prose with jargon -- especially used incorrectly. it's bad enough to find this in academic journals. please spare us in the blogosphere.

Playgoer said...

You are correct in shaming me, anonymous. Just a lazy attempt at a turn of phrase.

But I'll let it stand--such are the perils of blogging. Writing without a net.