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Friday, July 07, 2006

Department of "What Else Is New"

From Michael Riedel today:

More and more seats at hit shows are being set aside for well-heeled customers. Most producers are thrilled with the demand, because it increases their chances of making money in an industry that has always been a crapshoot.

But some fear the emphasis on premium-price seats [i.e. $250] is alienating middle- and working-class theatergoers.

Says one producer: "The number of premium seats for the special-event shows are spiraling out of control. We're setting up a system that says, Hey, if you're not rich, don't even bother coming to our show.

Ahem, how about those $70 balcony seats?

But hey, what would you rather do? Wait for Broadway producers to reduce their profit, or go elsewhere for your theatre?


Art said...

I just did my subscription audit for the Boston Area this coming season.

The winner was Trinity Rep with an 8 play subscription that breaks down to about $16 Per Play. Not Bad.

Companies are getting very creative with flexibility, but the more flexible, the less of a discount.

The rest is here:

Playgoer said...

I wholeheartedly recommend YS's post (linked above) to everyone. My response is included in comments over there.