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Monday, October 23, 2006

Smokin' not allowed on stage in Denver, as in many other towns.

But one company is going to court to change that.

The Curious Theatre Company...backed by two other troupes, is seeking an exemption for live performances, citing the First Amendment right to free expression, and what it terms vague wording in the new law. In the meantime, the suit will ask for an immediate injunction that would prevent law enforcement from issuing any fines for smoking during live performances until the matter is heard by a judge.

"Smoking can be pivotal to character and plot development," said artistic director Chip Walton. "We have both an ethical and a legal obligation to present the play as written and to honor the intent of the playwright."

Hey, I'm all for smoking on stage. expression?

And I'm racking my brains to think of a play where a lit and puffed cigarette is "pivotal" to the plot. Anyone?


Anonymous said...

Kenneth Brown's The Brig

Anonymous said...

Alice Tuan's Iggy Woo.

Anonymous said...

Pirandello's "The Man With A Flower in His Mouth"

Anonymous said...

It used to be in Carpenter's play, UP. But the OSF made her take it out. It wasn't as good without it.