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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Some Plugs

  • At the Public tonight, former CSC A.D. Barry Edelstein is directing a reading of Joshua Sobol's "iWitness" as part of their Arab-Israeli festival. Edelstein directed a full production of the controversial Israeli play (using the example of dissident WWII German soldiers as a parallel to dissent within the current IDF) in LA earlier this year.

  • Kafka has been adapted to the stage many times, but Christine Simpson's The Great Conjurer takes an original approach, seamlessly blending the work and the life. But hey, don't trust me--see Aaron Riccio's rave.

  • And don't miss the chance to see what George Hunka is up to when not blogging or serving as the downtown man for the Times. His play "In Public" is a clever adultery comedy with plenty of delightfully squirm-worthy moments between men and women. And if one blogger's work isn't enough enticement, it's directed (very well) by this guy!

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