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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

REVIEW: As Yet Thou Art Young and Rash

My first review in Time Out. Thanks, Mr. Cote!

This is Target Margin's (I think, intriguing) take on Euripides' Suppliant Maidens. No, not The Suppliants. That's Aeschylus.

Don't you hate getting those two confused?


Aaron Riccio said...

Congratulations. Now go out and write some more reviews! I enjoy reading your recommendations almost as much as your take on the news.

Moxie said...

Way to go! A beautifully written review that actually makes greek drama sound interesting and immediate.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I believe that The Suppliants is an accepted translation of the title of the Euripides play. It is also translated as The Suppliant Women -- but it's the Aeschylus that is sometimes translated as The Suppliant Maidens. (The Danaides being "maidens" while the wives of the fallen soldiers in the Euripides can't properly be described as such.)

Both play titles are the same word (I believe? Someone want to correct me on this?) in Greek, Hiketides.


Anonymous said...

Hiketides it is. Both are interchangably translated as Suppliants, Suppliant Maidens, and Suppliant Women, despite being about two completely different events in mythic history.