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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Alterman on "Utopia"

He likes it. But for his own more liberal reasons.

Wow, political pundits taking theatre seriously! Hopefully it doesn't have to keep taking a Stoppard (i.e. a Brit) to get attention.

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Anonymous said...

(Looks like I lost this comment earlier and am reconstructing it.)

This remark in Alterman's first paragraph stopped me:

"it's damn near impossible to remember who everybody is, what they thought and with whom they slept, and why it might matter seven hours (and possibly months) later."

Many important characters, complex interrelationships, storylines that play out in multiple episodes which you may see over a period of months: sounds as much like Lost or The Sopranos or one of the other sophisticated TV shows as it does a play. Most of our entertainments and art works don't work this way, but some of them do, and I for one am glad, even though I'd probably have the same difficulties in the theater that Alterman seems to have had. There's one advantage in this case, though: you can read the scripts ahead of time, and/or review them between productions. That's certainly not possible with Lost.