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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Gilman Memorial

While I regret I couldn't make the Richard Gilman memorial on Monday at Symphony Space. at least someone from NYT did. A thin write-up, but something.

Anyone else go?

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Anonymous said...

What I learned at the Richard Gilman memorial: (1) He was a hell of a father and raised three lovely, eloquent kids. (2) I wish he'd been my teacher, goading playwrights and critics to more rigorous theatrical forms and intellectual stands. (3) He despised glib, shallow, deadline-haunted pressmen like myself who practice reviewing--a cheap, bastardized distant relation of criticism. (4) If you want to be a serious, substantive theater critic, you should spend less time actually watching theater and more time in the university or in your study. (5) I was inspired, immediately after, to do that.