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Monday, March 19, 2007

Wooster Group

Well I guess I won't be seeing the Wooster Group's "Hamlet". It's sold out!

But for those of you playing at home then, some extra insight into them can be found in David Cote's feature and his blog exclusive supplement: an interview with WG expert--and one of my professorial mentors--David Savran.


Anonymous said...

Just FYI -- I went down to St. Ann's at 6:30 last Thursday night, and when the doors opened, I managed to score a single for the show. Third row center. Never take "sold out" for an answer. There's always a seat.

By the way, the show is breathtaking. WG's best work in years. And Burton's HAMLET, which I'd read about but never seen, is incandescent.

Jaime said...

Is it still slated to be in the Public's season next year? I've been counting on seeing it then.

And David Savran is everyhwere, isn't he. I took an English Lit survey lecture he co-taught my freshman year of college. Had no clue who he was in the theatre world at the time. Silly me.

Anonymous said...

The play is a waste of three hours. After twenty minutes you realize that nothing new is going to happen. Basically, the Burton version is playing on a screen and the actors copy everything, even the 'gliches' in the movement. This really does not take a cast of 1st rate actors to achieve. And, Burton's Hamlet is way too old, he raises his voice in moments for no apparent reason, and he is very stiff. Hume Cronyn on the other hand steals the show as Polonius. It's worth checking out just to see him.