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Monday, April 02, 2007

"Corrie" trouble in Florida

Jews in Florida, you say?

I'll let Mark take the lead on this story, which he's been following all weekend.

While the AD in this case seems like a nice and principled guy, trying to do the right thing, the fact they even he caved to pressure (from the American Heritage folks, among others) is saddening.

And just baffling! I mean, by now you would assume that anyone seriously considering the play for production has heard it's a tad controversial by now. How could one not be prepared? Well, it seems he thought he was prepared in this case. But naively underestimated the vociferousness and tenacity of the opposition.

In this context, David Esbjornson's digging in of heels over at Seattle Rep is even more admirable. They braved for a storm, got only a small one, and survived. Despite some angry letters.

And angry letters are just fine. Anger cannot be contained. The Rep, I'm sure, made some enemies and things got unpleasant. But that's what happens when you stir debate. And that's, to quote Stuart Smalley...ok.

(C'mon Richard Jay Simon of Mosaic Theatre, just look in the mirror and repeat: My theatre is good enough, it's smart enough, and gosh darn it, people might hate it!)

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