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Saturday, July 14, 2007


I guess I'm the last person to have even heard of the Goldstar ticket service, let alone used it. But Terry Teachout makes it sound sweet--not just for the members, but for the theatre!

Goldstar Events now has 315,000 members, two-thirds of whom are under the age of 45 and go to the movies at least once a month; 75% of them do not buy season tickets or subscriptions to any performing group. Moreover, Goldstar's younger members are far more ethnically diverse than the average big-city fine-arts ticket buyer. "Our venue partners tell us that they always know when they're putting on a Goldstar evening," says Goldstar CEO Jim McCarthy. "All they have to do is look at the audience. More color, and fewer gray heads."

So people, tell me: does it work?

It's free, it's in several cities, and I dig their slogan: "Great Nights Out for About the Price of a Movie."

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