The Playgoer: Robert Wilson Actor Breaks Hip--How Could They Tell?

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Friday, July 13, 2007

Robert Wilson Actor Breaks Hip--How Could They Tell?

Speaking of those pretty pictures Robert Wilson makes, looks like they may have taken their toll on one of his Comédie-Française actors. One took a fall before Thursday's show at the big Lincoln Center Festival leading the performance to be canceled.

Ok, no proof the injury was the result of a contorted shrieking Wilsonian pose (the notice refers just to a "hip injury in an accidental fall"). But the good news is a Sunday matinee has been added to the sold-out run, thus possibly freeing up some tix if any of the Thursday patrons choose to go the Hamptons instead.

The kicker to the story is how they found a replacement for the felled "comedienne." Artistic Director Muriel Mayette herself!

Ms. Mayette, an accomplished actress and member of the Comédie-Française since 1985, became the first woman to be named president and artistic director of the revered company in August 2006.
No small task, learning all that RW blocking in one pick-up rehearsal...

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