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Monday, April 13, 2009

The Actor's Lot: Recession Edition

In his ongoing "view from your recession" feature (i.e. letters from suffering readers) Andrew Sullivan includes a particularly moving one from an actor.

But one section should remind us that actors in America are always living as if in a recession, aren't they?

This week I caught a couple of breaks - I booked a radio spot, which helps a little, and I was hired by the US Census, which helps a lot. The work should be flexible enough to allow me to continue to audition, while paying well enough to allow us to breathe a little easier. Unfortunately the work is also temporary.
You think the census is a temp job? What do you call a four-week run?

Resolved: All actors are temps. Challenge or defend.

1 comment:

Tom Shea said...

We prefer the term "gypsy."