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Friday, July 17, 2009

Adventures in Stunt Casting

From NYT:

The television talk show host Jerry Springer, who just concluded a six-week run as Billy Flynn in the musical “Chicago” in London’s West End, is in talks to play the role on Broadway as early as next month, Mr. Springer said in a recent interview.
Meanwhile, the less-cynical endeavor Jerry Springer: The Opera remains unproduceable in NY.

Look, at its core, Chicago, a great show. But this road-company concert version posing as a full-price Broadway musical, with its interchangeable leading players week by week, has just become a joke, hasn't it? So much so that not even this casting "coup" can shock.

And Springer's character, Billy Flynn, actually has songs!

More here.


Melissa Joy said...

But, people are still going to see it and it's cheap enough to run.

In that sense, nope, not a joke.

Gil said...

Ah, shame the Jerry Springer Opera won't come to NYC. It was fantastic in London, and that Carnegie Hall version just didn't portray how enjoyable it can be...

Jerry Springer The Opera said...

Have heard alot about Jerry Springer The Opera, just figuring out time to see it. Hope it's gonna be a different experience! :)