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Monday, July 20, 2009 Introduces Cheap "Self Service" Ads--but not for the Arts

Producer Ken Davenport makes an interesting observation about a frustrating new ad policy over at the Times' website:

It seems that the NY Times has developed their own version of Google's web-changing AdWords program, which they call Self Serve, for clients with a budget under $10k (sounds perfect for Off-Broadway, doesn't it?).

It looks awesome! You can upload your own ad or if you don't have one, you can use one of their templates! You can set your own daily budget so you never spend more than you're comfy with! You can start with as little as $50/day! You get reporting, tracking and more! And you can pick exactly what section you want to advertise in! It's perfect!

Where do I sign up?

Where do I . . . where do I . . .

Oh. Wait a second. It looks like . . . yep . . . huh.

The NY Times does not allow self-serve advertising in the Theater section.

Let me say that a different way.

The NY Times Online allows you to advertise in all areas of the The Old Gray Biatch except for the Arts section (and Opinion & Politics).

I mean . . . wow . . . ok, ok, keep it up NY Times . . . keep pushing us further away, cuz you're doing oh so well in the meantime. What was it again? A loss of 61 million in the first quarter? That's like more than 4 Lestats.
Indeed, a clueless and harmful strategy.

Still--cause to hope? Would be a real boon to those theatre companies who can't shell out for those 5- or 6-figure Arts & Leisure print ads anymore...

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