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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Today's Roundup

-NY Times needs a survey to tell them artists are suffering in the recession.

-London theatre's abuzz with the talk of last night's Evening Standard Awards.

-Frank Wildhorn strikes again. Bonnie & Clyde(???) opened at La Jolla. I used to do a feature here called "Bad Ideas for Musicals." Time to revive it, I think.

-What two Broadway shows averaged only 43% capacity last week? Would it surprise you that one was Superior Donuts? Or that the other was Oleanna? Of course, not. They're plays.


Califor1010 said...

I saw Bonnie & Clyde, and loved it. Though it could probably lose a song in the first act, as well as tighten up the finale. Other than that, it was pretty stunning.

Anonymous said...

And to think, less than a mere month ago Ken Davenport was touting the "power of the play" on Broadway and how well they were doing.

This is funny on many, many levels.

Playgoer said...

UPDATE: Not surprisingly, over Thanksgiving Weekend "Superior Donuts" announced a Jan 3 closing date. (Same date as Oleanna, btw.)