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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Today's Roundup

-NY Times needs a survey to tell them artists are suffering in the recession.

-London theatre's abuzz with the talk of last night's Evening Standard Awards.

-Frank Wildhorn strikes again. Bonnie & Clyde(???) opened at La Jolla. I used to do a feature here called "Bad Ideas for Musicals." Time to revive it, I think.

-What two Broadway shows averaged only 43% capacity last week? Would it surprise you that one was Superior Donuts? Or that the other was Oleanna? Of course, not. They're plays.


Califor1010 said...

I saw Bonnie & Clyde, and loved it. Though it could probably lose a song in the first act, as well as tighten up the finale. Other than that, it was pretty stunning.

Anonymous said...

And to think, less than a mere month ago Ken Davenport was touting the "power of the play" on Broadway and how well they were doing.

This is funny on many, many levels.

Garrett Eisler said...

UPDATE: Not surprisingly, over Thanksgiving Weekend "Superior Donuts" announced a Jan 3 closing date. (Same date as Oleanna, btw.)