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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dinner and a non-Movie?

Check out what Steppenwolf's trying, subscription-wise:

With the Dinner Theatre Subscription Series, each time you visit Steppenwolf you'll enjoy a 3-course dinner and a ticket to the show – a $100 value – for only $69! We take care of the reservations and you dine at some of Lincoln Park's best restaurants...You'll see all five plays of the 2010/2011 season and dine at five great restaurants (each dinner includes salad or appetizer, entreĆ©, glass of wine or beer and dessert). Each dinner starts at 5:30 pm and all the restaurants are within walking distance of the theatre.
Don't know if that would work in the restaurant scene of NYC.  (Yes, Steppenwolf is in Chicago, but hardly on "restaurant row.")  But for regional theatres in more suburban settings perhaps...something to think about? 

Of course, a coupon for 10% off or a free pepsi is done all the time.  But including in the subscription...gotta hand it to them, that's some fine "event value" marketing.


Lauren said...

This seems like a great idea! Not only does it encourage theatre-goers to "make a night of it" and survey restaurants they might not try otherwise but it boosts a notoriously slow hour at the restaurants themselves! Great cross-promotion!

The EsoCritic said...

Terrific idea. I hope it pays off.