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Friday, July 16, 2010


-You may have heard of the Off Broadway debut of a first-time director named Jerry Seinfeld--helping out his comic pal, Colin Quinn's one-man show.  New York Mag, though can't help notice that any feigned modesty is belied by the awkwardly lopsided program bios of the two.

-This is why the Swiss released Roman Polanski--to make a film of God of Carnage, of course!

-The New York based political troupe Theatre of War gets an unlikely backer--The Pentagon!

-More Spiderman (The Musical!) troubles: their press reps of three years(!) have had enough.  Good luck to the new firm-- maybe they can finally explain to us what the hell "Turn Off the Dark" means.

-And just when I know you've had enough Mamet tv interviews, here he is on Charlie Rose last week, at his best (reflecting on Pinter) and his worst (man's politics just get weirder.)  As for Charlie...well not exactly at his best here....Also worth it for the nice Best of Mamet montage up front.


Anonymous said...

Playgoer said...

WTF, LA Mag? Don't spam me, bro...

The EsoCritic said...

Oh Good Lord... One down (Larry King), and now one more to go (Charlie Rose). Insufferable.