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Thursday, September 02, 2010

In Unrelated News

by Dr. Cashmere

--Ken Davenport catches Ticketmaster launching a new blog, apparently in an effort to demystify its wholesome, not-at-all nefarious business model.

There are a few gems in the first post, but I enjoyed this one:

We are the leader in the industry, and so we are accountable for taking the initiative to drive industry change.
Hmm. Do industry leaders typically drive change? Or do some of them, instead, leverage their market position and corporate clout to stave off competition?

--John Jay College of Criminal Justice's fall theatre season (!?!) includes RECKONING WITH TORTURE, a one-night-only evening of readings culled by PEN American Center and the ACLU from the so-called "torture memos." It's free, no tickets required.

1 comment:

Republic Monetary Exchange said...

Oh brother, so tacking on tons of fees and then saying that they are just too numerous to explain is leading the industry? Give me a break!