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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Not Student/Not Senior

Looks like 9-5 employed adults are finding it just as hard there as here to get a decent theatre ticket discount:

While young people have access to youth ticket discounts (and so they should) and retirees have the time to take advantage of mid-week matinee offers, it's the average Joes – average age, average salary, average working hours – who are missing out on the chance to develop what could be a long-term passion. The sad fact is that if you didn't have the means to acquire one earlier in life, you often have little opportunity to do so in adulthood, either.
And don't get me started on all-day camp-outs!


Esther said...

It's like college: if you're very poor you get lots of financial aid (like student tickets), if you're wealthy you pay full freight. But if you're middle class, you maybe get a slight Playbill discount or you sit in the balcony (public instead of private school).

R. Grace said...

I love this! I'm torn between going into acting or PR once I graduate, and I know if I go the public relations route my opportunities to see shows will plummet to nearly zero.

Unknown said...

It really is awful!

My best recommendation is to do rush tickets or lotteries.