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Monday, February 13, 2012

Is Kickstarter Working?

Yesterday, the fundraising website Kickstarter reached a milestone when not one, but two of its clients passed the million-dollar threshold.

I mused last year upon the opportunities here for small theatre productions (and companies) and have noticed many doing so this season. In fact, "theater" has its own category on the site so you can check out current projects there.

So my question to those doing so...How's that working out for you?  Is there a future in this? Success stories? Fails? Please share!


Matt Slaybaugh said...

Available Light had a very successful experience with Kickstarter. ( Here are a few things that helped.
- Our project had a couple of different "niche" audiences it could attract.
- We had a good video.
- We followed through and shared a lot with our backers, ensuring that they had a good experience too. And we enlisted their help in getting the word out.
- We didn't ask for too much money.
- We had backing in place already to greatly increase our chances of hitting our goal.
- We had a lot of community support helping to spread the word.

Unknown said...

Kickstarter has worked pretty well for my company and my friends other projects in the past. I need to start fundraising for much higher goals though and we'll see!

Arjun said...

I believe internet technology is instrumental in the survival of theatre. I recommend a fascinating discussion on youtube and the future of theatre