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Friday, November 09, 2007

"'a lot of "f--- yous"' flying back and forth"

That's how well the producer-stagehand labor negotiations are going. According to Riedel today.

You may remember a couple of weeks ago the momentary optimism surrounding IATSE head Tom Short's separate meeting with producer rep's, that it would finally head off a strike. How'd that go?

a strike now appears to be a certainty, sources said.
Short--in short--um, politely declined the League's final offer, closing the last door by formally giving IATSE's stamp of approval to the strike action already voted by the Local 1 chapter. In fact a stagehands meeting last night was not about if, but when--"whether to strike before the weekend or wait until Tuesday, out of fairness to ticket holders."

So prepare, B'way. The end is nigh.

All except for Disney, of course. And the nonprofits Lincoln Center Theatre, Manhattan Theatre Club, and the Roundabout.

Oh, and perhaps the biggest winner out of all this, Young Frankenstein, comfy in its separately-contracted Hilton Theatre. After this review today, they're gonna need as little competition on the Rialto as possible.

More context and fleshing out from Playbill.

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Anonymous said...

Just got the word from my union -- strike commences at 10am tomorrow (Saturday).